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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Vintage British furniture

Now after my little baking spree, check out these beauties...

I have just been given these gorgeous pieces of furniture by a lovely lady I work with. They are a set of Ercol "pebble" tables which are still in production although these are vintage 1950's/60's and an ercol rocking chair. I love them! Ercol is a British company which makes fantastic solid wood furniture, they were super popular in the 50's and 60's and now they are having a second breakthrough, with both new and vintage items being highly sought after.

As I mentioned in my first post  me and the other half are in the process of doing up/ decorating our first house together ready for moving in over the summer. We have a conservatory and I think these would look wonderful in there, I plan on making some tie on cushions for the chair in cream so I'll keep you posted on that...

As well as baking I love crafts and making things, as I find it really satisfying to see the finished product. I decided that in our house I would like to make/ update a few old things as well as buy new items, to give our home more character. A couple of months ago I bought a table just like this:

Its a solid pine varnished hall table with a single draw. I got mine from a local second hand furniture shop it cost £28. At present the hall is a darkish baby pink with deep blue, and I really want to lighten it up, I plan on having it cream up the stairs and on two other walls, with the 3rd wall pale blue ( I will upload pictures as the project goes along). So I wanted to lighten up the table too and planned on painting it grey.
 First I sanded it and realised the wood underneath the heavy varnish was gorgeous so then I had a change of plan...

I continued to sand the top so that the whole top piece was varnish free and had no imperfections, then used a paint/ varnish stripper on the rest of the table to remove most of the very thick and shiny varnish. I then bought some wood paint in whiskey cream from Focus and some wood wax in oak, plus a plain wooden knob. I waxed the top section and the handle to match and carefully painted the rest of the table with two coats. Here is the result.


Much love,

Becky x

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