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Monday, 4 April 2011

Dear wish fairy

Here is my wish list:

  • To stumble across some gorgeous furniture for our master bedroom, I cant find anything I like and have now got visions of some shabby furniture I can repaint in a stone grey or taupe.

  • To find a miracle cure for this:

To explain, this is our small spare room, the house we are moving into is a three bedroom house, two double size rooms and this single bedroom/ study. We thought the room would be easy as pie to redecorate because we just had to strip the old woodchip, re apply lining paper and paint. Simple, right?


We removed this:

and underneath was more wall paper, and under that was the very yellow paint which has been there since the house was built in the 1960's for my boyfriends dad. As we are covering it the colour is not an issue, but it is flaky and some of it has come off, and with the steamer some of it peeled off. However other areas are more persistant and to flake it off would take half of my lifetime, we cant leave it as it will cause the paper to sit unevenly and maybe even stop it sticking!? HELP! We have also had an issue with paint from the cieling peeling off when we removed the wallpaper in this room. Any suggestions welcome...

I will put some more pictures of the house up but I dont have a full set so I will wait to do that until I have collected up some "before" pictures, watch this space for that. Our plans for the house so far include:
  • Changing this yellow room, which was a study back to a small guest room by repapering and recarpeting, it will just be very neutral until we decide on its long term purpose.

  • Doing up our master room, it was a single bedroom with fitted furniture and we are changing it to a double with freestanding furniture, new carpet and different styling.

  • Sprucing up the hall/ stairway, it is pink and blue and we intend to make it more neutral, replace the blue carpet, and add a bannister and handrail to the stairs (at present there is a rope handrail and no bannister). There is also artex on the stairs which has been covered by woodchip, neither of which are ideal so we are unsure what to do, the woodchip is damaged and needs to come off but we arent sure whether the artex can be smoothed or covered using blown vinyl which is slightly less harsh, again your suggestions are welcome!

  • Doing up the lounge/ dining area, we have already removed a large fireplace which ran the length of the room, then we plan on repapering, recarpeting and painting, this should be fairly straighforward, fingers crossed.

  • Painting the conservatory in a neutral scheme, and I have intentions to give the current furniture a make over.
We are leaving the 3rd bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, utility and downstairs toilet until our budget will allow us to make the changes we would like. Throughout the rooms my boyfriend is fitting new tall skirtings stained in oak to replace the short white skirtings, painting the doors and changing the door handles.

Pictures soon, I promise.

Much love,


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