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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Update, inspiration, new projects, and wish granted

So my current projects are going ok.
 The letter rack is painted but I am searching for something I want to finish it off, if anyone knows of any places where I can get either letter transfers or stencils I would be soooo grateful, preferably a vintage/ retro style lettering which is quite large, help!

 This is the mirror so far:

It still needs some touching up around the edge, you can see a small gap there at the bottom where I got a little over zealous with the tape before I painted, oops.
Oh and that is my necklace chilling out on the corner there, it isn't attached.

This weekend I got inspiration for two new projects, keep checking for updates, one involves candlesticks, and one photo frames. Ive got to keep you waiting for something....

And finally look what my lovely other half got me today:

It is a thomas kent 6" mantel in taupe and I loveeeee it.

I will check in tommorow with the mirror transformation post, hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

Much love,

Becky x

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