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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Free stuff?

Hi my little thrify ones. I have some stuff that some of you might like, if not thats cool, if you do give me a message and I could arrange sending it to you, free!

I have got this hand embroidered picture:

It is 18x13cm and veryyyyy sweet, it is really well done and in super good condition. It came out of a charity shop frame, and I can't chuck it away so if any of you would like it message me!

I also have a big bag of fabric scraps, some are big, some are small, plain and patterned, some are very retro and there is alot of ditsy print. Heres some of the styles:

I got given these to make jam pot covers from but I have used what I wanted and have loads left. They are from the 1970's onwards, and some are really cool. Anyway if you have a use for some of it let me know (bear in mind some of the pieces are very small).

Have a good week!

Much love

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  1. Glad to see a I'm not the only one than, thanks for your comment. I love the mirror you got, some times a lick of paint does wonders!! :)