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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Thrifty treasure hunt

So today I went to look for the perfect bedroom furniture at our local second hand shop (where I picked up the hall table). I failed to find it.


I couldn't leave empty handed and picked up these:

Letter rack: £9, solid wood, gorgeous... but an unfortunate shade of green, this picture makes it look a lot better than it really is, trust me! Will be cream or grey, not sure which yet...

BIG mirror: £12 its about 35x25 inches and an u-l-g-y shade of gold, but the plaster surround is gorgeous and will look fantastic in a different colour, and will probably get the white treatment. I wanted a lovely mirror to hang above the radiator in the hall but at over £100 for the ones I liked I thought I may as well give it a bash at making my own cheapo version, it will be wonderful. I swear. I hope...

Small mirror: £6 this is a small wooden mirror with heart cutout frame, its pink with white polka dots -not that you can tell because of the rubbish late in the day light, sorry!! Anyway this is going to be cream I would imagine, but I am in no hurry to decide because as of yet I have no idea where it will go. I just love mirrors and hearts so I couldnt just walk past this little beauty. Oh and I have just sussed that this is an east of india mirror retailing around £20 scorrrrre!

So in total £27

And the lady knocked £2 off. Wahhooooo.

I cannot wait to get stuck into these babies.

On another note I have just seen my Ercol tables in Ideal home, Me? Darn lucky? Yesssssss!!!!

Much love,


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