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Friday, 6 May 2011

Living room progress

Hello everyone! Hope you are all well, things have gone a bit quiet on the house front here as I am finishing my dissertation and revising! So I thought I would just post a quick moodboard I put together for the lounge and get your opinions.

The pattern in the background is wallpaper which we are using, and our sofa is grey:

I decided I wanted to add pops of colour as well as black white and grey, and I think I have decided on blue (hence the colour card on the moodboard). Let me know what you think, I was considering yellow too but the dining area has pops of purple.

All opinions and suggestions are totally welcome so please leave a comment!

Becky x

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  1. I like the idea of pops of yellow but since you have purple I would stay with the blue you picked out....I think it will be awesome when you finish!

  2. Hello! I love your colors! I also think yellow is a great accent color! I'm using it in my guest room. I would love to see your living room reveal :)

  3. Both are great accent colors. Personally I think blue/purple will look more traditional and yellow will look more modern. You could always grab a few cheap accessories in both colors and try both out, then return whichever color doesn't work for you. Your textiles and wallpaper look great, by the way!

    Visiting from Remodelaholics Anonymous.

  4. I like your choice's a blue gray wall will be pretty. Trish

  5. I love the colors too!