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Monday, 16 May 2011

Progress? Destroying our lounge and dining area.

Hello lovelies!

So my last post showed you the colours I want to use in the lounge and I got some lovely feedback on that so thank you verrrry much for that.

I've handed in my dissertation so in between revision and work I thought I would fill you in on how the room actually looks right now, and it is NOT pretty. On with the photos:

First off this is the beautiful colour that was on the doorframes & skirtings all over the place, the skirtings are no more but the frames need sorting as we aren't replacing them.

Ok now for the lounge:
Lounge area left from door:

The line halfway up the wall marks the hight of the built in stone fireplace that stretched the length of the lounge (I will find a before snap of that).

Lounge right from the door, the arch seperates the lounge from the dining area

From the arch into the dining area, the double doors lead into the conservatory:

And back the other way into the lounge, sorry for the pants lighting.

So far we have stripped the walls, taken up the carpet, ripped out the architrave and skirting and taken out the big stone fireplace.

We have a LOT to do but I wanted to show you what we are working with here.

And as a teaser (Some of you have already seen the lounge moodboard)

The colours/ style to be used in the lounge:

And the dining area:

Hope you are all really good,

Much love,

Becky x

P.s let me know if you have any ideas and suggestions, I love hearing from you!

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  1. That looks like a huge undertaking, I love it. No advice, just good luck wishes!

  2. Love the pattern! I think Lounge, I think purple :) Can wait to see it finished!